Dog Laws

Dog Laws and You

Restrictive laws affecting dog ownership are passed every day at the National, State and Local levels. These laws can impact every aspect of your right to enjoy responsible dog ownership. They include areas such as “breed specific” laws banning the right to own certain breeds, mandatory spay and neuter, breeding restrictions and even laws governing how dogs are housed and transported.  Some of these laws are proposed and passed by well-meaning, but misguided legislators. However many are initiated and backed by radical “animal rights” groups who ultimately would ban all pet ownership!

Responsible dog owners must not ignore these legislative efforts. Your breed or your city may not be at risk right now, but this can change quickly. We urge you to get involved in this important area.

Here are some links to organizations which are actively involved in fighting legislation that endangers dogs and responsible dog owners:

American Kennel Club Legislative Alerts

Michigan Association for Purebred Dogs

National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)

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