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Things to consider before buying  a puppy

Purebred dogs have been bred for generations, often for centuries, to produce dogs with predictable characteristics of appearance and temperament. In other words, you know what to expect with a purebred in regard to size, coat, color, and fundamental personality.
If you are thinking of adding a Purebred dog to your family, your decision should be carefully considered. You should research various breeds that interest you to see if they will fit into your family and lifestyle. As an example, a large active dog may not be a good choice for someone who works all day and lives in an efficiency apartment. Ask yourself what you want in a dog; a playmate for the kids, a good watch dog, a hunting companion, etc. Consideration must also be given to issues such as grooming requirements, trainability and health issues.

Your research can be done by attending Dog Shows and talking to breeders, checking Parent Club and Regional Breed Club websites.  Visit the AKC site to find these resources.  There are also books and websites devoted to helping you find the right breed. Study and investigate thoroughly before you buy.

Dogs are a commitment of 10-15 years, so should not be bought on impulse. Pet shops will sell to anyone without regard to whether or not a breed is suitable for your family and everyday life. In addition, their puppies are obtained from mass producers (puppy mills) who are unconcerned about health and temperament and whose only motivation is profit. Pet shops are not recommended for purchase of a purebred dog.

A responsible breeder is the best choice for obtaining a purebred puppy or dog.  These individuals are concerned with the betterment of their breed have experience and in depth knowledge.  They will raise their puppies with the best possible care. A reputable breeder offers Guaranteed, Healthy, Well-Socialized puppies. They are available AFTER the sale to answer questions and offer support for the life of your dog.

Good breeders want the best possible homes for their puppies they love, so they will question you carefully to evaluate you as a prospective owner. They do not mass produce puppies and NEVER offer them for resale.

Dog breeder referrals

Once you have decided on the right breed, you need to find the right breeder. Ideally, you should contact and interview several breeders of your chosen breed and find the one you are most comfortable with. You should be able to meet adult dogs on the breeder’s premises.

About designer dogs

The so-called “designer” dogs are nothing more than mixed breeds. They are not recognized by AKC. AKC has no plans to recognize any of them in the future. These dogs are not recognized as a breed by any major registry worldwide.

The majority of these dogs are the product of two purebred parents of different breeds. This results in a litter of mixed breed puppies, not a “new breed.” These puppies will vary in size, coat, temperament, etc.

The claims that these dogs are ideal pets, “non-shedding” and inheriting the “best” of both parents are misleading and false. There is no reliability or predictability of these dogs. The same litter may produce puppies of different heights, weights, coat types and temperaments. Puppies may Inherit the worst features of each parent or some good and some poor features from each.

The unscrupulous people who produce these dogs may make outlandish and grandiose claims.  They are also likely to charge outlandish prices for these mixed breeds. Many unsuspecting owners have encountered many problems with these dogs including health issues, behavioral problems and deviation from expected size.  One of the common false claims is that these dogs are completely non-shedding and OK for those with allergies.  The AKC site provides some recommendations about which breeds are least likely to trigger allergies.

Once again, we recommend buying a PURE BRED dog from a RESPONSIBLE BREEDER.

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